Low-Fi to Hi-Fi When we have finished our Low-Fidelity Prototyping phase, it is time to turn these visually rudimentary documents into something more digestible by developers and visual designers. The Low-Fidelity phase is over, and it’s time to get our High-Fidelity phase going. These High-Fidelity documents are the essence of Wireframes. Technically Precise Wireframes are …

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Task Flow Diagrams


Task Flow Diagrams vs Scenarios The Scenarios we created describe a material, physical situation the user is engaged in. The Task Flow Diagrams complement this by describing the actual functionality on a more technical level. The Task Flow Diagram is a methodical blueprint detailing the functional steps a user would go through. Bringing in the …

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Questions Fuel Great Design Now that we have our User Personas and Task Matrix completed, we can set up Scenarios. These Scenarios answer important questions set in real-world environments. We have names for our users, and now we can document important circumstances such as where they are using the product, how they are using it …

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The Task Matrix


What is the Matrix? No one can be told what the Task Matrix is… wait… yes they can. The Task Matrix is a collection of data pulled from user research. Various user tasks are lined up against the user archetypes, the user personas, in a matrix. From this matrix we can extrapolate what tasks are …

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User Personas


User Personas Explained User Personas represent various user archetypes. These documents bring the user to life, instead of simply being referred to as a faceless, nameless ‘user’. The User Personas provide direction for the rest of the UX process. Where Do Personas Come From? Personas are not ‘made up’ or pulled out of thin air. …

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Setting up our UX Project


Where does our UX Project begin? User Experience Design is research and data driven design. Data, of course, is gathered via user research. Research entails questions. User Experience experts love questions, such as: What are we designing? Who are we designing for? Why are the users using our product? How are they using our product? …

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